🌿 raxenlew, rax, or sock

🌱 he/they/it + neos (see pronouns page)

🍃 trans boy :)

🍀 INxP-T | 6w5

🌼 EN, RU

🌳 pfp by tiredsn0w!! 💙

please use tone tags

you can contact me @ raxenlew#0594 on discord! please note that I WILL NOT open files from users that i do not know.
🌲interests - alt-rock, indie pop, hyperpop, splatoon, the disastrous life of saiki k., stranger things, minecraft, genshin impact, sky: cotl, rocks and crystals, being outside, animals, etc. :) I also play the guitar and the alto saxophone.
🌻ART?!?!? - i draw quite a lot, actually. im planning to start an instagram for my art. :)
thats my favorite music as of right now!
this is my list of words, pronouns, and labels that people can call me :)
this is for tiredsn0w's 200 follower dtiys on instagram!!
another drawing of the two scrunklies (SCP-6118 and SCP-049) please go read about them please please please
this is for tiredsn0w's 100 follower dtiys on instagram!!
some oc stuff :)